Tips that will help You change your life

Techno 18 March, 2018

2016-01-02 09:04

Tips that will help You change your life
Perhaps the most practical advice for the last time.

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  • Try not to impose people and then it will become clear whether you they really.
  • If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. If you loved the first, don’t fall into the second.
  • What others think about you shouldn’t worry.
  • Those people who were often forgiven and longest tolerated, usually go suddenly and forever.
  • It does not matter if no friends in trouble if they are false and corrupt.
  • Talk less about your plans.
  • Never goodbye edit. Any change in this comparison, the search for the best. One who is looking for the best, will never appreciate what you got…
  • The person on 80% consists of water. If a person has no dreams or goals in life, it’s just a vertical puddle.
  • Don’t reject people who want to be with you. Maybe they will be the only one who will stay with you in the most difficult moments of life.