Tired of meeting Jennifer instead of JLo? This dating app is made for you

Techno 8 February, 2017

You dreamed of meeting a girl as good as JLo but, you ended up crossing a girl who looks like Jennifer? The disappointments due to the profile photos full of (beautiful) promises are numerous. But the new dating app Fresh changes all that!
In a world where photography is becoming less and less natural, it is difficult to base oneself on selfies in order to meet people. Very often it has been matcher with super sexy babes on Tinder (which happened in VR Mode or almost) . But the day of the meeting was often very anecdotal. The girl in question had nothing to do with that smile you on the dating application . And today, are you tired of meeting Jennifer rather than Lopez ?! It falls well, Fresh is a dating app based on selfies that has enough to change your encounters.
Selfie is THE way young people are taught everyday. Fresh understood this and did not hesitate to surf this phenomenon. The principle of Fresh? Taking daily photo and go to meet other subscribers … no cheating is possible, on Fresh is adopted 100% natural! When registering this app is available on iOS and Android, every Fresheur receives a stock of 200 ice, the ” currency” of the app. Every action performed is then evolve our stock . Taking a selfie will fill the cooler while liker a profile will empty it. Well, that’s also the price you have to pay to meet (well) the girl you actually see in photos! Meanwhile, you can checker essential apps for a guy page.