Titanium is a twin of the Earth

Techno 24 January, 2018

2018-01-24 14:11

Titanium is a twin of the Earth

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Astronomers have conducted research that allowed them to claim that Titan, a moon of Saturn, is a twin of the Earth, reports Rus.Media. Such conclusions were made by the study of the oceans on the planet.

Astronomers have obtained the most detailed map of the surface of the famous Titan. This document allowed the experts to find out what the three largest seas are connected with each other and support the planetary water level. The same processes occur in our Land, where the defendants are the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. On Saturn’s small lakes above a few hundred meters, which is also a similarity with the Ground. It rivers flow, sea, precipitation and evaporation of moisture. The gravity is handled by the Saturn.

After such study, the astronomers intend to send to the surface of the earth double a new space mission that will reveal the secret of the distribution of water.