To a return of Denis Coderre on the municipal stage?

News 13 March, 2018
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    Tuesday, 13 march 2018, 18:53

    Tuesday, 13 march 2018, 18:53

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    The many criticisms of the administration of Valerie Plant, in Montreal, would lead the former mayor Denis Coderre to reflect on a possible return to municipal politics, has learned Bernard Drainville, of “The Joust”.

    “I learned very, very good source that Denis Coderre, seeing what is happening now at city hall, begins to say : “Finally, I was pretty good. Perhaps we should start to think about the possibility of coming back,”” said the jouster Drainville, Tuesday.

    Since his election last November, the new mayor Valerie Plant has had to defend several controversial decisions. In particular, it has been blamed for increasing taxes beyond inflation, for its intent is to prevent cars from crossing the mont-Royal and to the possibility of reducing traffic on Sainte-Catherine street in order to widen the sidewalks.

    According to Caroline St-Hilaire, the possibility of a return of Denis Coderre on the municipal stage is not unrealistic.

    “I will exit the door to this possibility, but I think he’s going to watch the election in Quebec city before returning to Montreal,” she says.

    With the recent difficulties of projet Montréal, Luc Lavoie believes that this could be of benefit to Denis Coderre if he ever decided to come back.

    “If there were an election tomorrow morning, Coderre would win”, he said bluntly.

    Bernard Drainville argues, however, that this idea is not welcomed by some of his former colleagues.

    “It doesn’t involve the whole world in his former party,” he states.