To receive the body of a serial killer Manson claimed five people

News 22 December, 2017

In November died world-known criminal Charles Manson, known for his repeated brutal murders. At the moment the government of California can not be defined with rights to the body of the deceased killer, which claimed five persons.


Charles Manson died a natural death from old age at the age of 83 years in the sanitarium Kern County. Currently, California authorities where the Department for the execution of rehabilitation and punishment, determine who will get the body of the maniac, as the rights to his corpse, said just five people. Among declared their rights to the remains of the maniac are residents of Illinois, Florida, Wisconsin, and citizens living directly in California.

One of the contenders for the body of a serial killer claimed the corpse Manson, assuring all that the maniac was his pen PAL. Another applicant said about their relationship, claiming that he is the grandson of Charles. Previously it was thought that Charles left blood relatives, however, after the death of the killer’s interest in his person only intensified.