To the convergence of a giant asteroid with the Earth in three days

Techno 27 March, 2018

2018-03-27 09:23

To the convergence of a giant asteroid with the Earth in three days
Space object 2018FB as close to our planet on March 30.

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The size of this cosmic body that are potentially dangerous for our planet and shocking – asteroid codenamed 2018FB has an area with a large stadium (for comparison, the Chelyabinsk meteorite was only about 20 meters in diameter). The giant collided with the Ground, can lead to the present Apocalypse, informs news, Ukrmedia.

He will fly near our planet on March 30, scientists claim that, despite its huge size and real danger, this cosmic “chip” will not cause our “blue ball” no trouble. Themselves earthlings can watch the flyby of the asteroid only in telescopes.

However, even a distant “neighborhood”, experts say, can have a negative effect on the health of humans, therefore, in the last days of March, it is better not to overload themselves with work and not to build in these days of ambitious plans.

Incidentally, we note that one of the doomsday scenarios for the Earth seems in a collision with such an asteroid. However, according to forecasts of astronomers, it can only happen in a hundred years. By the time you have to think, humans have to learn to deal with this danger.

Soothes and the fact that the Earth even in our time twice (the Tunguska and Chelyabinsk meteorites) were subjected to grave danger from cosmic bodies, but some higher power (aliens or people from the future, a parallel world) saved the planet by destroying the asteroids in the atmosphere. So we have a small but real hope that a cosmic catastrophe will pass the Earth…