Together for 73 years, they must live in different residences

News 19 December, 2017
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    Two elderly people in New Brunswick who have spent over seven decades together, are now separated after one of them has had to relocate to another residence.

    Herbert and Audrey goodine st. have spent 73 years of their life together, including 69 as a husband and wife, reports Global News. Because of the state of health of Herbet who is degraded, the latter had to go to a residence more suitable to his needs.

    For nearly four years, they lived at Victoria Villa Special Care Home that is located in Perth-Andover, New Brunswick. However, because Herbert is suffering from dementia, it had to move to a 45-minute drive away.

    His daughter, Dianne Phillips, has been informed of the situation last Friday and the move was made Monday. “To remove it like that, a week before Christmas this was not correct, she explained to Global. It is mentally and emotionally difficult for them. For me, it is the abuse of seniors.”

    Until last Monday, Herbert and Audrey shared the same room, the same bed and kissed before going to bed each day. It is abruptly arrested Monday.

    “Christmas is a time where everyone is happy, but this is not the time, the most happy of my life. If they had let me with my wife where I was, it would,” said Herbert to the television channel.

    On the side of the residence Victoria Villa, one cannot comment on this particular case, but it is explained that a patient who requires more supervision may not remain in this residence and that he need to follow the rules set by the government.

    The department of social Development said to be Global to take into account the fact that two relatives living in the same residence.

    Dianne understands that his father needs specialized care, but that his condition is only at its beginnings, but especially, that they would have had to proceed differently.

    “I don’t have a problem with the level of care, I have a problem with the way it went,” insists Dianne.

    Herbet said that it was difficult to adapt to this change after having lived with his wife for 73 years. They will be gathered together for Christmas to celebrate with their daughter, but after that, the visits will be remote.

    The family believes that the ideal situation would be that the two elders live in the same residence, to Perth, where they have lived all their lives.