Too risky to release the former king of cocaine

News 6 September, 2017
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    Raymond Smith is here photographed in march 2004 when the RCMP arrested for importation of cocaine.

    Éric Thibault

    Tuesday, 5 September 2017 20:34

    Tuesday, 5 September 2017 20:34

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    The guy Raymond Smith, who has used the hitman Gérald Gallant and put at price the head of the chief of the Hells Angels for $ 250,000, is too dangerous to return home after 12 years in prison.

    This is what held the parole Board of Canada (PBC), 25 August, confirming that the former head of the gang of the west will have to spend the next six years under supervision in a halfway house and abide by a curfew.

    “The Commission remains convinced that there is no alternative measure […] to ensure the protection of society on your return to the community,” wrote the steward Marie-Claude Frenette in this decision, which the Newspaper has obtained a copy.

    The body of Three-Rivers — that police have already nicknamed “the king of cocaine,” flush, since 2005, sentences totalling more than 18 years in prison for masterminding the import of 750 kilograms of cocaine, and to have plotted six of the 28 murders committed by the informer Gérald Gallant, between 1980 and 2001.

    The Commission had released office, in mid-July, after he had served two thirds of his sentences.

    But Smith, now 66 years of age, has quickly called for the cancellation of the condition requiring it to remain in a halfway house.


    He believed that this measure “makes it almost impossible to reintegrate socially appropriate” and hoped to be able to return home to live with his family.

    He has also argued that his age and his chronic ill-health convinced him to dissociate himself from the criminal underworld.

    “Your crime alone requires the greatest caution. You will need to demonstrate a radical change of values to which you have acceded for more than 40 years “, replied the Commission by reminding him that it was always a risk of recurrence is high.

    Raymond Desfossés would always be a contract killing of a value of $ 100,000 on his person to be stowed away in the enemy camp of the Hells Angels during the war of the bikers, according to statements made to police by the ex-Hells become informer, Sylvain Boulanger.

    Moreover, the correctional services have never agreed to send Smith to a penitentiary to minimum security, between 2005 and 2017, despite its claims, has reminded the parole Board.

    The authorities are of the opinion that the comings and goings of the guy, as well as his acquaintances, “must be monitored very closely” until the expiration of his sentence in 2023.

    Raymond Smith was one of the drug dealers the better connected of the history of organized crime in quebec.

    He would have introduced hundreds of kilograms of cocaine in Quebec city, by boats, bush planes and in secret compartments of vehicles, has already declared an informer to the police.

    Smith had contacts ” with all of the major criminal organizations in South America, Europe and Asia “, stated inspector Serge Thériault, of the RCMP, after the arrest of the guy in 2004.

    Years of harm

    Photo archive

    Raymond Smith, Detained in 1976


    1976 Imprisoned in the penitentiary of Cowansville for armed robbery, he makes the acquaintance of Gerald Gallant.

    1980 both on parole, Smith order to Gallant his first contract murder, one of the drug dealer Louis Desjardins, who was killed in Port-Cartier.

    1991 He attended the wedding of the daughter of Joe Di Maulo and the son of Frank Cotroni, two key players of the mafia in montreal.

    1992 Arrested for the murder of the drug dealer montreal David Singer, near Fort Lauderdale, he will be extradited to the us court in 1997.

    1998 Liable to the death penalty in Florida, he pleaded guilty to a reduced charge and bails out of 12 years of incarceration.

    2000 Released, it combines with the Rock Machine against the Hells Angels. It offers $ 250,000 Gallant, and three accomplices to kill the leader of the Hells, Maurice ” Mom “Boucher, and order the murder of a close relative of the latter, the lender usury-Robert” Bob ” Savard.

    2004 Arrested for plotting import of 750 kg of cocaine seized from a sailboat in the wide of Puerto Rico, he was sentenced to 13 years in prison the following year.

    2014 It was given an additional punishment of nine and a half years in prison for conspiracy to murder