Top 5 sex positions that give preference to people who betray partners

Techno 8 February, 2018

2018-02-08 22:51

Top 5 sex positions that give preference to people who betray partners
Define adultery at body language. Strange, but interesting study.

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Who better to understand all the subtleties and nuances of infidelity, not the wrong? Dating site for married published the results of another study. They report that, in order to detect the main indicator of fidelity/infidelity, do not even need to leave your bedroom!

Experts interviewed users of the site about what sexual positions they prefer with their lawful wives and husbands, and use exclusively outside the marital bed.

53% of survey participants responded that, in their opinion, the family bedroom is not the place for sexual experimentation, it’s better to stick to time-tested positions. 93% agreed that trying new things only with extramarital partners.

The most popular pose for marital sex was missionary. It was voted 60% of the respondents.

Men who have relationships on the side, I prefer the posture:

Bozeman — 53%

Rider — 37%

Missionary — 36%

“69” — 31%

Legs on shoulders — 30%

For women izmenit the list looks like this:

Bozeman — 57%

Missionary — 33%

Legs on shoulders — 28%

Rider — 25%

So if your wife suddenly offers to “do it doggy-style, and even with the lights on… No, never mind. Probably just her mood today is.