Toronto : a man trapped between two walls for eight hours

News 12 July, 2017
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    Wednesday, 12 July, 2017 15:33

    Wednesday, 12 July, 2017 15:37

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    TORONTO – A man was trapped between two walls in Toronto for about eight hours Tuesday before being released by firefighters, who had to smash a wall to get there.

    Called to 20: 20, the fire fighters found that the unfortunate was taken up for five hours between the walls of two buildings in the city centre, which are only separated by twenty centimetres.

    “He was stuck in a space really limited. His head was turned,” said the spokesman firefighter Michael Westwood in the “Toronto Star”.

    Unable to move, the victim had little circulation in her arms and legs. Attempts to shoot from there with a rope have been futile because he was too weak to grab it.

    The firefighters then decided to drill a hole in the wall of a building to get it out. “It took us more than two hours. The wall had a thickness of approximately 50 cm. It has been a long, a lot of work for our teams,” said Bill Bygrave of the fire department of Toronto, “Toronto Star”.

    The man has finally been released to 23 by the hole made in the wall.

    It is not known why it had got there. The man said that he fell in trying to jump from one roof to the other, but the firemen do not believe that to be the case.