Total War Warhammer: DLC Realm of The Wood Elves, Wood Elves

Techno 18 November, 2016

total-war-warhammer-the-realm-of-the-wood-elves-dlc-steamTotal War Warhammer Realm of The Wood Elves make playable race of Wood Elves, from the month of December!

This is from December 8 exactly that will be available the largest DLC to date for Total War Warhammer ; Realm of the Wood Elves making it playable race of the Wood Elves who will have the same time a mini story-driven campaign, The Season of revelation .

We find the announcement trailer on YouTube channel Total War , viewing directly below:

The first elven races to integrate Total War: WARHAMMER offers a unique playing style, with a campaign and mechanical inspired by the folklore of the Wood Elves. Starting enchanted forests of Athel Loren, they can capture any city in the Old World into a bridgehead and continue their expansion.

In combat, they offer an incisive and powerful style of play, albeit fragile. With the most powerful archers and most versatile of the game, they can be equipped with magic arrows, shoot while moving and rely on their sylvan allies, like the Dryads, the Great Eagles, the Wood Dragons and Men-Arbres .

Realm of The Wood Elves , with new legendary lords, heroes, units, monsters and new spells, is available for pre-order. You can find a complete list of its content on Steam .