Tour economic Beauce: Couillard was absent even from the national Assembly

News 15 February, 2018
  • Photo By Nicolas Lachance
    Visiting the company EBI Electric, the prime minister Philippe Couillard took the opportunity to address some of the issues that will be on the table in the Beauce region during the election campaign, among other things, the question of the shortage of labour.

    Nicolas Lachance

    Thursday, 15 February 2018 12:27

    Thursday, 15 February 2018 12:27

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    The prime minister Philippe Couillard has truanted from school for a second time since the beginning of the parliamentary session, absenting the national Assembly to make a tour of regional economic Beauce.

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    Philippe Couillard has visited entrepreneurs of the Beauce in order to know the economic situation of the region. Mr. Couillard was also absent last Thursday for the announcement of the REM to Montreal.

    “This is what I do a lot since 2014, regional tours,” explained the prime minister, pushed to defend his visit, while at the same time the elected were members of the blue Room.

    “I’ve been doing this for several years. Last year, often on Thursdays, I wasn’t there,” he continued, indicating to be in a campaign since he was elected.

    The electoral formulas, the slogans and the attacks against the opposition caquiste have also embellished the speech of the prime minister.

    “Mr. Legault, he says that he will put more money in families’ pockets. We have already done. I think we can stop here, and put more free time for families to care for their children, and their parents,” he said.

    The Beauce against the registry

    The prime minister has been caught up on the issue of the gun registry quebec, which is widely criticized in the Beauce.

    “I’m going to fill it. I am a hunter myself,” said the prime minister in order to convince the hunters beaucerons.

    “I have two weapons of hunting. Is it that it bothers me? Is it that threatens me? No. I’m going to do it online, it cost me not a “cenne” and there will be no chipping. If one puts “licensing” on our trailers and our trucks, we could save our guns.”

    Once again, he is taken to François Legault, who woos the voters of Beauce.

    “Monsieur Legault, and he voted for the registry. It is the policy here is against the registry,” he reported.

    Lack of manpower

    The prime minister took the opportunity to address some of the issues that will be on the table in the Beauce region during the election campaign to be started in next September. The main issue seems to be the shortage of labour, which is detrimental to the productivity of businesses, he observed during his visit of the company EBI Electric, who lives precisely the problems of recruitment of workers.

    “If it does not recruit foreign workers, already, he is obliged to refuse contracts. It is dramatic, for an entrepreneur to refuse contracts, and it is happening in Quebec”, has he hammered.

    He argues that the economic problem of Quebec is not unemployment, but this shortage that afflicts SMES.

    “The solution goes through immigration”, said the prime minister, who hopes to help the companies to reduce the bureaucracy and the rules to bring in foreign workers.

    The prime minister also used the opportunity to flay the leader of the CAQ, François Legault, and its promise to reduce the number of immigrants. “A solution such as that of the CAQ, which request to reduce immigration to Québec, is a position that night to the economy of Quebec,” Mr. Couillard.

    The prime minister would like to expand the program to bring foreign workers, so that we can accept the labor less specialized.

    The CAQ critical Couillard

    In a press briefing, the mp Simon Jolin-Barrette has argued that the place of the prime minister was not in the Beauce region, to campaign. “The place of the prime minister, the national Assembly, to answer the questions”, he pestered.

    For his part, the leader of the Parti québécois, Jean-François Lisée, has refused to denounce a strategy that he could use.

    – With the collaboration of Marc-André Gagnon