Tourists are invited to descend from the mountain at a speed of 150 km/h on the ropes : around the World : Vladim

News 2 February, 2018

Fans of extreme sports can try out a new attraction in the UAE, which hit the Guinness Book of records. Everyone is invited to come down from the mountain with the help of stretched strings, on which by means of special fasteners people will go down with unprecedented speed.


In the United Arab Emirates has opened a new fun for all fans to tickle your nerves. Taking 250 customers a day, the attraction provides for a very considerable sum, representing approximately 10 thousand rubles (125 pounds), to experience unbridled speed and freedom, descending from a height of 1.7 kilometer. The total length of the descent, which at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour overcomes everyone exceeds the length of the stacked 28 of the field in football.


Previously, the longest downhill was located in Puerto Rico, but in UAE its duration was increased, which contributed to the ingress of the attraction in the Guinness Book of records. All tested this descent claim that the thrill of the ride cannot be compared with anything else.