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Entertainment, Techno 11 July, 2017


Last June, Cyril Hanouna was sanctioned by the CSA to a non-broadcast advertisements, following a “joke” homophobic on the set of Key not at my post. Le Canard Chained reveals a little more about the case : Vincent Bolloré to claim 13 million euros in the CSA to compensate for its financial loss.

The controversy of the hoax homophobic is not about to turn it off to Cyril Hanouna. Not only has he lost friends chroniclers, who have left the show as Enora Malagré, but he has also lost a lot of money due to the ban on broadcast advertisements for 3 weeks, decided by the CSA.

The sketch considered as not conforming to the law of 30 September 1986 concerning the ” stereotypes, prejudice, sexist, degrading images , “is also wrong in front of his employer, Vincent Bolloré à Canal +, referring to the act of” joke-which, frankly, was neither to do, nor to be redone. But if the sequence has been some 20.500 complaints and has even provoked the appearance of tags of revolt at the headquarters of the CSA in the 15th arrondissement, in may last, the president of the group was doing its best to keep the host to the antenna. This is a significant rise in the hearings. In an article to appear tomorrow in the Duck Chained, Vincent Bolloré to claim 13 million euros in the CSA. As shown in l’Express, the business man would have already lost between 6 and 10 million euro, due to the controversy.

To rectify the situation, Cyril Hanouna has also recruited a former head of the CSA on its plate : Rachid Arhab, who will make his comeback on C8.


Case Hanouna : Bolloré claims 13 million in the CSA according to @canardenchaine tomorrow

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