Traditions, charms and superstitions in Feofanov day, March 25

Techno 24 March, 2018

2018-03-24 23:34

Traditions, charms and superstitions in Feofanov day, March 25
Late spring frost threat does not happen.

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March 25, according to the folk calendar: Theophanes, Feofanov day, Theophanes — gaps Nast, Simon, Simon the Evangelist, reports Rus.Media.

Tradition March 25

It was believed that if the morning of this day a fog will appear, this year will be a great harvest flax and hemp. That omen came true, scattered around the yard a handful of hemp and flax seed treats for birds.

Before hemp fiber was used for making twine, ropes, coarse cloth, and hemp oil in food, it was used for painting works.

If this day gets sick horse, he will not recover or will not recover from the disease, it cannot be used for work in the field. With these animals involves a lot of beliefs and superstitions. It was thought that the horse snorts the rain, shakes his head and throws it up to the bad weather. In winter, the horse falls to the heat, and snores to the Blizzard. Snorting horses in the road — to a joyful meeting. If a woman step over a yoke or a shaft, then the horse will be difficult. The horses neighing — good. If Theophanes the ice in the backwaters does not melt and sink, the whole year will be difficult. Still looking out, which side of the ant hills started to melt the snow: if from the South the summer is short and cold.

Conspiracy 25 Mar

Spell through the snake

Find a snake in the woods or in a field and holding her spear, saying:

The snake, the snake! As you feel sorry for your eyes

It would (such and such) me

Regretted, loved,

Me around

As the shadow went.

Lips, teeth key, lock, language.

Amen. Amen.


How to talk to a snake bite

Wood handle knife encircle clockwise around a snake bite and say:

At sea, on the ocean, on the island of Kiyan

Serpents home is worth.

In the middle of dragon house

Snake Katerina lies.

Like the snake of Catherine arms and no legs,

And snake poison in the body

(such) motion is not present.

Queen Zmeitsa in ring tail recoil,

Poison body (such) servants of God leave.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit.


Signs 25 Mar

  • At night I cling to the ground fog, blowing snow forest rain.
  • Frost and fog in Feofanov day catching rain on isaky of the Coil (12 June).
  • The fog is falling to the sun, rises — to the bad weather.
  • Feofan drives away the fog.
  • Early spring and summer there will be many rainy days.
  • Late spring frost threat does not happen.
  • The sun, ring, snow chase, the canvas of the earth to pull the world