Trans Mountain: the British Columbia loses a round in front of the courts

News 26 March, 2018
  • QMI agency

    Monday, 26 march, 2018 18:13

    Monday, 26 march, 2018 18:15

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    The government of british columbia has lost a round in the face of the national energy Board (NEB) before the Court of appeal of British Columbia in the folder of the project pipeline Trans Mountain, to the delight of Alberta.

    The Court of appeal refused last Friday to hear the appeal filed by the British Columbia, which objected to the fact that the NEB may allow Kinder Morgan to ignore municipal by-laws to build their pipeline. The Office had rendered a decision in this sense by stating that the project proponent Trans Mountain, the us company Kinder Morgan could proceed even if the pipeline does not comply with the zoning laws and on the cutting of tree from the City of Burnaby.

    Remember that in the long term, the project aims to transport 900 000 barrels of oil daily from Alberta to the port of Burnaby, suburb of Vancouver, in view of the export.

    On Monday, the first minister of Alberta, Rachel Notley, called the decision a victory “for Albertans and Canadians”.

    The minister of the Environment of British Columbia, George Heyman, has, however, promised to continue the fight against the pipeline project.

    Many demonstrations against the pipeline project have erupted in recent days in British Columbia. Dozens of people, including the leader of the green Party of Canada Elizabeth May, and of the founding members of Greenpeace have been arrested in the last week.

    Alberta and British Columbia, both of which are led by governments, new democrats are at loggerheads for months. The blocking of the project Trans Mountain had even led to the imposition of economic retaliatory measures by the province of Alberta for winemakers in bc.