Transformers 5: Optimus Prime turns against Bumblebee on a new poster!

Techno 18 December, 2016

But what happens to Optimus Prime? Our hero seems to have gone from the dark side, as evidenced by the recently unveiled Transformers 5 poster!

Optimus Prime is a little Captain America franchise Transformers . Right in his boots (metallic), upright, fearless and desperate to protect the Autobots and Decepticons human face, it is THE hero par excellence, the one you never take into default . The universe can crumble, Optimus Prime will always remain a moral landmark to which one can cling. Except … except that Transformers 5, the explosive trailer was unveiled , could put that back into question. And we face an Optimus Prime … more noble and friendly than before! And there, one feels that you say, ” What is How Optimus Prime that goes to the dark side?!?!?! ” It’s not air or even inconceivable, said like that, yet! A new poster for Transformers 5 has just been unveiled suggests that the leader of the Autobots has taken a much darker path. And because the image, it seems to be taken … the adorable Bumblebee .

Why did Optimus Prime go into Bumblebee?
For it must be said that the post in question is dark ! One sees Optimus Prime standing on a rock with his big sword in his hand as an enormous ship appears about to crash into the ocean. This is not really cheerful, but the worst is yet to come. Indeed, we stand on the right of the picture a yellow arm resting on the floor, an arm that can only belong to Bumblebee . But what does that mean? Can Optimus Prime really attack our favorite mascot, its most faithful Autobot? At melty, we really do not want to believe it! And yet, the sharp sentence that can be read at the top of the poster seems to indicate that our hero without fear and reproach has changed. ” Rethink your hero .” We ordered it so. That sounds rather ominous! And both say that we do not much like it … Especially that in the trailer for Transformers 5 where we see Mark Wahlberg pursued by an unknown threat, we briefly see Optimus Prime Bumblebee pierce his sword. And that he says sorry does not change the story! Let’s cross our fingers so that the leader of the Autobots has not completely turned towards the dark side. What do you think of this poster?