Transgender who won $5 million, wants to become more popular stepfather Kim Kardashian : In the World : Vladim

News 27 January, 2018

Melissa Ede who are transgender, decided to spend all the funds in the amount of $ 5 million (£4 million) received from a winning lottery ticket, to eventually become more popular than Caitlin Jenner, the stepfather of Kim Kardashian.


The award-winning edition of Vanity Fair just three years ago, appeared the image of Kathleen Jenner, which made the cover of the magazine. On the cover was etched the image of a woman’s stepfather world famous model Kim Kardashian who at the age of 65 has notified the public that he wants a sex change. For breaking a record of popularity of Caitlin Melissa decided to repeat the basic steps Jenner, beginning with identical pictures appear on the cover of the famous publication.


A former employee of a taxi who won huge amount of money in the lottery chose the same dress that was on Caitlin, and was photographed in the same pose to attract the attention of the public. Melissa herself has stated that it intends to seize the championship in popularity at Jenner.