Treacherous Kus: Prince Harry was attacked during a visit to Scotland : In the World : Vladim

News 15 February, 2018

A member of the British Royal family Prince Harry together with his future wife Meghan Markle visited Scotland during his official visit. According to tradition, the 33-year-old grandson of Queen Elizabeth met the Royal Scots regiment in Edinburgh.


However, in the ceremony of greeting monarch and his lover took part not only the members of the Royal guard. To meet the Prince brought a pony named Cruachan. Adorable animal led garrie the Prince and his bride in the rapture. Royalty decided to cuddle a pony, but he was extremely obstinate. Is courtesy of a response Cruachan stared at Harry with his teeth. The Prince withdrew his hand, but then again touched the horse. He again showed an act of aggression. Named and grandson of Queen Elizabeth instead of manifesting sympathy with the Prince began to laugh at his misadventures.

Ponies that attacked Harry had displayed their obstinate disposition towards members of the Royal family. Last year, when the home of the mountaineers called for Elizabeth herself, Cruachan ate the Royal bouquet. The Queen got angry and pony Kara passed. However, the current incident shows that it was an omission on the part of the organizers.