Trial for terrorism in Montreal: what the jury ignores

News 15 December, 2017
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    Friday, December 15, 2017 14:15

    Friday, December 15, 2017 14:15

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    MONTREAL – The jury is now sequestered and deliberating in the trial of two ex-students of the College de Maisonneuve, in Montreal, who are charged in connection with terrorism. Some of the elements ignored by the jurors can now be made public.

    Recall that El Mahdi Jamali and Sabrine Djermane, who were respectively 20 years and 21 years of age, are accused of having attempted to leave the country for the purpose of committing a terrorist act abroad, to have possessed illegally an explosive substance and, finally, of having committed actions for the benefit of a terrorist organization.

    At the end of the day Thursday, judge Marc David gave his instructions to the jury members. As they are now sequestered, and that they do not have access to the media, the new information cannot influence their decision.

    These information, which were not released until this day, will be found in court documents. It is information that the investigators have collected, but which have not passed the test of the courts.

    The persons who provided the information to the royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP) did not testify at trial.

    Sisters and a friend of the accused have reported to the police that “this is good, it is going to fight for our religion. And if we can not go there, it must be done here”.

    Relatives of the accused have declared that “the imams are corrupt” and that “if you have to kill people to save your muslim brothers, you must do it.”

    A friend of the young man also reportedly told investigators that”El Mehdi Jamali would have shared his intention to leave Syria and he was currently the research related to his departure.”

    For what reasons these items have not been presented to the jurors? It is possible that this is because the Crown was convinced that the people who have made these statements would not repeat in court. Indeed, one of the sisters of Sabrine Djermane faces a count of hindering.

    It is worth noting, El Mahdi Jamali and Sabrine Djermane have not presented a defense at their trial. They are handed out only to the pleadings of their advocate, who reject the accusations.


    – According to the information of Mathieu Belhumeur