Trial : Marc-Yvan Côté calls for the proceedings to be stayed because of leaks to media

News 18 December, 2017
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    Jean-François Racine

    Monday, 18 December, 2017 18:42

    Monday, 18 December, 2017 18:47

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    Because of the leakage of the media, of the inaction of the State to make them stop and derogatory comments held in the national Assembly, Marc-Yvan Côté will not be able to undergo a fair and just trial, says his lawyer, who called for a cessation of procedures.

    In another petition filed on December 7, in front of the court, the lawyer of Marc-Yvan Côté, Me Jacques Larochelle, alleges that “not less than 15 leaks” have targeted his client. These came from the police or the prosecution, but it does not specify the exact source.

    According to him, the conduct of the upcoming trial would be detrimental to the integrity of the justice system.

    “This record differs from all preceding by the number of leaks and their consequences, their origin, the complete absence of reaction of the State and the violation by the national Assembly of the rule of sub judice “, one can read in the query.

    To cancel the proceedings, mr. Larochelle stated that his client is convicted, de facto, in the public mind, and that his reputation has been destroyed. It was also noted that Mr. Côté has been qualified in the national Assembly of “dishonourable repeat offender”, “a living symbol of all that is wrong in a culture that is not ethics of the Quebec liberal Party” and ” Toxic to the pest “.

    In addition, to illustrate the damage of this bad press, the defense cites no less than 13 editorial comment considered to be negative in the place of Mr. Side.

    “Such remarks are likely to threaten the fairness of the trial and to exert an immense pressure on decision-makers and the judicial witnesses,” adds the lawyer of Marc-Yvan Côté, who considers that his constitutional rights have been violated.

    The ex-liberal cabinet minister is accused of fraud, breach of trust and corruption. He was arrested by UPAC in march 2016 at the same time that the ex-deputy premier Nathalie Normandeau to the result of an investigation on the financing policy.

    Their trial is scheduled to begin on 9 April, but the judge André Perreault will hear the motions in arrest procedures at the end of the month of January.