Trip with Uber cost passengers nearly a million rubles

News 12 December, 2017

The trip with the help of well-known service Uber has a canadian cost the customer almost a million rubles. The company has written off the men 14 thousand us dollars, and to refund my client, Uber representatives had bothered only after the publication of stories in the press.


Girlfriend men who utilized the services of a delivery from Uber, published online microblogging Twitter a screenshot from his account, which the client filed after the trip. The screenshot has caused sincere bewilderment of users of social networks, as for the trip, which lasted a little longer than 20 minutes, Uber withdrew hapless passenger over 18 thousand canadian dollars. According to the victim, the apology and the refund was carried out by representatives of the Uber only after the story broke in a number of canadian media.

It should be noted that this is not the first case of record-high withdrawals by this company, because two years ago one of the clients after a trip from the account was removed more than 12 thousand U.S. dollars, and a year later the expense of another passenger empty for 30 thousand dollars.