Triple murder of Shawinigan: one of the two houses has been demolished

News 8 July, 2017
  • Archival Photo, QMI AGENCY
    Sylvain Duquette

    QMI agency

    Friday, July 7 2017 16:24

    Friday, July 7 2017 16:24

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    SHAWINIGAN – One of the two homes that were the scene of the triple murder of Shawinigan last April, has been demolished.

    The remains of one of the victims, Denise Hallé, has been completely razed to the ground, a decision made by the family.

    “It happened 15 days ago. It was not easy to see. It is a part of the family that goes away because, to me, these people, this is like my family, it is more than friends. But I think it will help to move on to something else,” said one neighbor, Michel Grenier.

    The tragedy occurred on April 5, last. The alleged murderer, Sylvain Duquette, would have murdered his mother-in-law Jocelyne Pellerin, his sister-in-law Denise Hallé and the cousin of the latter, Janet Toupin Lauzon. He then allegedly set fire to the property of Mrs. Hallé, where he was housed.

    Only his father, Claude Duquette was able to save himself. It remains always with him a few miles away.