Trois-Rivières : Infestation of seagulls around the warehouse Rona

News 10 July, 2017
  • Louis Cloutier

    Monday, 10 July 2017 19:09

    Monday, 10 July 2017 19:09

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    THREE-RIVERS | warehouse Rona Trois-Rivières is struggling with undesirable tenants, in this case a colony of seagulls which he seeks to be rid of.

    The storefront, the sign, the sidewalks, parking lots, and possibly the cars of the customers find themselves soiled by the droppings of birds.

    The possible explanation for the appearance of these gêneurs lies in the presence, immediately behind the commerce, of the deposit at snow city of Trois-Rivières. However, the shops nearby do not seem to be bothered.

    On its website, the City has equipment to scare the visitors: two scarecrows that reproduce a hunter with a gun and scare of birds producing detonations.

    “We noticed over the years that the major issue was from may to July, while it is egg-laying. They are present, but when the spawning and the period of couvage are completed, the gulls were in the habit to leave to the river. Is this year that is different?” asks Yvan Toutant, a spokesman for the City.

    Rona does not intend to stand idly by. The company has already addressed to the canadian wildlife Service to obtain a permit to move the nest once the birdies will be able to fly. It will also install the fence on the roof to prevent them from coming back to roost.