Trudeau adamant on his refusal to tax the giants of the web

News 5 February, 2018
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    The prime minister Justin Trudeau

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    Monday, 5 February 2018 16:56

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    OTTAWA | Confronted in the Commons about his refusal to submit the giants of the web with the taxes canadians, the prime minister Justin Trudeau has continued to defend tooth and nail Monday the approach of his government.

    “The government made it so that Netflix and other web giants do not pay taxes and do not pay sales tax while our canadian companies in the same field must do so,” said the parliamentary chief of the New democratic Party (NDP), Guy Caron, during the question period.

    Citing the example of Australia and the european Union went ahead with a tax on online services, the member of parliament has denounced the fact that the federal government has chosen the path in reverse “by entrenching the rights” in the various partnerships, including its agreement with Netflix.

    “When is it that they will put their briefs and ensure that everyone is treated equally?” asked Mr. Caron.

    The response from the prime minister of Canada has been emphatic. “We are not going to increase taxes for taxpayers, and this is what the NDP is asking for,” insisted Justin Trudeau, repeating the position that ” his government for months.

    Critics abound against the federal government since it announced in September an agreement of $ 500 million with Netflix. The agreement provides for investments in the production, but does not include the broadcasting service in line with no tax, unlike traditional broadcasters.

    According to Mr. Trudeau, this approach shows that the government adapts to changes in the media industry, guaranteeing “historic investments” in local content.

    “People already pay enough for their internet at home”, stressed the prime minister.

    The elected néodémocrate Peter Julian has rather reminded that “Canadians pay their taxes and expect companies to do the same.

    The giants that are Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon (a group of companies nicknamed GAFA) are not required to charge sales tax on the advertisements they sell. The canadian government thus deprived of hundreds of millions of dollars.