Trudeau comes out of its hinges against activists environmentalists

News 2 February, 2018
  • Maxime Huard

    Friday, 2 February 2018 15:48

    Friday, 2 February 2018 15:53

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    While the opposition to the pipeline, Trans Mountain is at its peak in British Columbia, Justin Trudeau, in a rare moment of anger, had to expel him from the environmentalists who were hooting at a public meeting on the island of Vancouver, on Friday.

    From the beginning of the session, activists began scolding the prime minister, shouting while he was speaking to the crowd gathered in Nanaimo.

    Things went downhill in the fifth question from the audience, which focused on the pipeline’s controversial firm Kinder Morgan.

    “I voted for you because I thought you were on our side! You have me so disappointed in approving the pipeline!”, said a citizen under a thunder of applause.

    Three expulsions

    While Justin Trudeau was trying to explain that his government wished to protect the environment while growing the economy, the activists already loud redoubled zeal.

    It was then that a first individual is aggressive, who had already been denied a microphone at the beginning of the assembly, was expelled by the police.

    Mr. Trudeau has continued to try to answer, without great success, to the jeers and shouts of two activists from more and more insistent. “You think your voice is more important. This is not very polite”, he first noticed it.

    Visibly annoyed by the howling continued, the prime minister is out of its hinges: “Come on! Come on!” he cried out.

    “Who thinks that these people should leave?” he asked, inviting the audience to vote by show of hands. The overwhelming majority of the assembly had pronounced in favour of the expulsion.

    “Go please,” ordered Justin Trudeau to the two protesters, who were escorted to the exit by the police. He finally affirmed that his government would go ahead with the pipeline under the pretext that its construction is in the “national interest”.

    Voltage interprovincial

    The prime minister of Canada is presented in the west of the country in a very tense moment.

    British Columbia and Alberta are at loggerheads at present about the expansion of the oil pipeline of Trans Mountain. Approved by the federal government, the project of the company Kinder Morgan is valued at $ 7.4 billion $ and should make it possible to transport on a daily basis the 890 000 barrels of crude oil in alberta to the pacific coast.

    The government of british columbia attempts to derail the project by obstacles-regulatory, while the neighboring province is looking forward to its construction.

    In the House of commons on Friday, the minister of natural Resources Jim Carr has assured that the federal government had the last word on the pipelines, interprovincial, and that the proposed Trans Mountain expansion would see the day.