Trudeau meets with Modi at the end of his disastrous visit to India

News 23 February, 2018
  • Photo AFP


    Friday, February 23, 2018 08:43

    Friday, February 23, 2018 08:43

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    New Delhi | prime minister Justin Trudeau met on Friday his indian counterpart Narendra Modi, at the end of a long visit in India deemed disastrous by the observers.

    The two heads of government met in New Delhi in the aftermath of the embarrassment of canadian authorities linked to the discovery of the invitation – soon withdrawn – a sikh extremist at a reception chaired by Justin Trudeau on Thursday evening in the capital.

    A blunder that was falling badly for the prime minister, perceived to his body defending to New Delhi as gentle movements, separatist sikhs in Canada, for electoral reasons.

    “It should not be a place for those who instrumentalize religion for political purposes, and promote separatism”, hammered Narendra Modi in a speech alongside Mr. Trudeau.

    “We will not tolerate those who put in question the unity, integrity and harmony of our country,” added the leader of hindu nationalist.

    The sikhs are a community of half a million people, with a fringe that supports the movement of Khalistan, which is claiming the independence of the indian region of Punjab (north), the land of sikhism, and held a fierce insurgency, finally crushed in the 1990s.

    A rare length – a – week for an official trip abroad, the tour indian Justin Trudeau – which ends Saturday – is transferred to the sinking in the area of public relations.

    Snubbed by the official indian since her arrival on Saturday, he had until Friday met no responsible political foreground. A coldness which contrasts with the warm reception that had recently received in India the prime ministers of israel Benjamin Netanyahu and japanese Shinzo Abe.

    In the absence of strong policies, the head of the canadian government has multiplied the visits of monuments and receptions, attracting ridicule for having dressed in shimmering traditional dress of indian.

    “What captures the attention of everyone in the world is the fascinating choice of wardrobe of the family Trudeau – too indian even to an Indian”, has estimated the magazine Outlook.

    In the beginning of the week, in Bombay, the leader of liberal had, for example, wore a sherwani (long coat) golden brown that contrasted sharply with the costume western dark mégavedettes of Bollywood present at the event.

    Thursday evening, he arrived at a reception at the canadian embassy in dancing the bhangra, a dance pendjabie, to the rhythm of the drums.

    “His dance moves are calculated and its multiple changes of outfit […] are making it more for an actor on a film set or a guest at a wedding for a politician came here to talk business,” persiflé a commentator indian in a column published by the Washington Post.