Trudeau pleads with Americans to keep the free trade

News 14 July, 2017

    Boris Proulx

    Friday, 14 July 2017 15:25

    Friday, 14 July 2017 15:25

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    Friday, before the governors of the States in the u.s., Justin Trudeau has touted the benefits of free trade for the prosperity of the businesses of the two sides of the border.

    “Canada is your best customer”, recalled the prime minister to the 32 governors of the american States gathered at a large forum organized on Friday in the city of Providence, Rhode Island.

    “Take the Canam group, Quebec, which employs approximately the same number of Canadians and Americans […] there are just too many examples of these companies”, was illustrated by Mr. Trudeau.

    He also talked about the activities of Hydro-Québec in Maine, or those of the carrier CN in Louisiana as examples “of companies that help build America”.


    Justin Trudeau has invited the leaders of the american States to “refuse to take shortcuts, politically tempting”, as are the protectionist policies.

    This speech was held shortly before his meeting with the vice-president of the United States, Mike Pence, on Friday afternoon.

    The latter reiterated during his speech that the United States has the intention to “renegotiate” free trade Agreement north american (NAFTA), a promise made by Donald Trump fears of canadian businesses to lose their privileged access to the u.s. market.

    “In the coming weeks, we will modernize NAFTA to the Twenty-first century, for this to be a win-win situation-win [win-win-win] with all the partners of the North America”, shouted Mr. Pence to the governors shortly before Justin Trudeau takes the floor.