Trudeau raises the pride flag transgender

News 21 August, 2017
  • Photo Agence QMI, Toma Iczkovits

    Vincent Larin

    Sunday, 20 August 2017 23:18

    Sunday, 20 August 2017 23:18

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    Justin Trudeau has waved the flag of the transgender community, Sunday, on the occasion of the gay pride parade, which would be a first for a man federal policy in such an event.

    “It is wonderful, it really is a beautiful message of support “, welcomed the president of the organization Aid to the trans-Québec, Julien Leroux-Richard.

    The prime minister has been photographed many times while he was holding the flag with the blue stripes, and white roses in his hands.

    According to Julien Leroux-Richard, this gesture proves that Justin Trudeau has a particular focus on the community of transgender people.

    “It is very reassuring to have it behind us. It shows that one is supported, listened to “, he explains.

    “From personal experience, this is the first time I see a politician on the federal scene to hold our flag,” he adds. Because at the provincial, Manon [Massaged] often comes to walk with us, in the marche, trans. “

    The army

    Mr. Leroux-Richard stresses also have seen a member of the canadian armed Forces hold a flag with the colors of the pride transgender.

    This story is not unimportant, according to him, since president Donald Trump recently said on Twitter that transgender people could not serve in the u.s. army.

    Last June, the canadian Senate passed bill C-16 against discrimination against transgender people. Two days earlier, the pride flag transgender had been hoisted in front of the House of commons for the first time in history.