Trudeau, the star of the void

News 8 February, 2018
  • Michel Hébert

    Thursday, February 8, 2018 14:02

    Thursday, February 8, 2018 14:52

    Look at this article

    He takes us for fools, the Preacher of Commons. Change the vocabulary to look “cool” for girls, suggest “people kind” instead of “man kind” because it is more “inclusive”… It boggles.

    It is hardly believable in the mouth of anyone. It is mind-boggling, in that a head of government. Ah, it makes us a good reputation, a poor baratineur.

    A feminist circumstantial, as there are so many these days, especially on tv. It will, without a doubt, he too, like the entertainers of Québec solidaire, we no more talk of heritage… probably does it more than black magic…

    Delirious post-modern. Fascism bon chic, bon genre.

    His Majesty’s Liberal has been criticised in the world. It was fucked up, his beautiful mouth, and everywhere. Full of cum that he took, the Mocking Stain.

    In Great Britain, Australia, the United States, in Asia, many have asked : “He goes where with it, the bright of Canada?”

    Anxious to see his distorted image, our Bombastic Barker said that he had made a bad joke. And she was more wrong still when taken out of context.

    A pure lie, of course. He takes us for retards or for liberals, which is sometimes the same.

    All those who have seen the video of his speech in Edmonton before a crowd mostly comprised of young women, all have very well understood that our Liberal Talker delivered to the bottom of his abysmal thought.

    Feminist in shirt-sleeves, a Raconteur Air without a jacket to make us believe that any task, the Storyteller of 24 Sussex is a guru opportunist. It is a hook where to hang the pictures.

    This is not a head of government, much less a head of State in the sense that we usually mean.

    The Journal de Québec

    It is to be a preacher, a seller of opportunity, a thinker at a discount. A faux leader, a setter artificial, a me-you-having regard to the short week. It is the mascot of the Toronto lawyers.

    We see more and more in its true light. In the corner of the void where the wind sweeps in to out through the other ear.

    This is the Cabotin of Ottawa, the appearing of the mimodrame de paris canadian, the gate-crasher of the Caribbean-in-residence at the Aga Khan…

    You see, we know, that it has little to say about the course of history. It is excluded from global debates. It talks about green but allows pipelines. He pleads for peace and sells armored cars. It legalizes pot and his buddies are ready for ages. It paaarle, he travels, he makes in the humanitarian self-centered.

    It is a face with two sides. It vogue on the air of the time, smiling like a duchess of the carnival.

    It is not surprising that support for the Liberal Party of Canada are in decline. In the other provinces, especially. Because in our country, an important part of the female always being exhilarated in front of the Other Son, the support of the PLC remain strong.

    It is necessary to add the federalists male of a certain age, proud colonized, and candied in the Canada pension Plan, with the knees worn out by centuries of genuflection: the Association of RV lovers of the Rockies, the League of the prostate of the two oceans, the Federation of bladders and lanterns of the St. Lawrence, the Club of the federal/provincial amnesic beauty of the province, the Friends semi-autonomous of the status quo, and so on, A fifty-year-old, amazed and mouth agape, I said of him recently: “It’s an angel”…

    It is strange to say the least, this enthusiasm of the majority good-ententiste, in a province where the independence claims are not yet quite dead.

    It is enough to make people think the super nova of political and media, so easily distracted by claims as diverse as superficial, and so each day more distant from the core issues.

    Photo courtesy Thierry Daraize

    Pioneer of nationalism in quebec, Lionel Groulx said in his time: “Our first, our greatest misfortune is to have been a nation of noodles”.

    Hard to refute even today with the solid support that gets the Monarch Bright in the Beautiful province.

    Andrew Sheer, the young leader of the conservatives, is ahead in voting intentions. But do not sell the skin of the Ego Portraitist before the be surprised.

    Trudeau can still count on the Quebec. Even if his name should raise here most of irrepressible repulsion. The measures of war, the lies and the long knives, the constitution, the charter hindering all the wills of collective… Trudeau: that of memories heavy of meaning in a name today synonymous with superficiality…