Trump confirmed information about the upcoming meeting with Kim Jong-UN : the World : Vladim

News 16 March, 2018

The White House officially confirmed the information that the President of the United States Donald trump will meet with the head of North Korea Kim Jong-UN until the end of may this year. Information about this spread of American media.


Both leader powers are willing to sacrifice personal ambitions in the name of peace. In the past sounded absurd statements that aggravate the situation around the Korean Peninsula. Pyongyang and Washington have learned from past mistakes and are ready to dialogue. Trump and Kim Jong UN are going to make certain concessions for the sake of an agreement and reduce tension. In the framework of the objectives, the U.S. President and the head of the DPRK will meet before the end of may this year and will discuss the existing problems.

In the White House believe that North Korea has a brighter future, if Pyongyang will make steps in the right direction, will cease to produce nuclear weapons and testing ballistic missiles. If North Korea does not listen to the advice of the international community, then the situation could spiral out of control.