Trump: the meeting with Putin was “great”

News 8 July, 2017
  • AFP


    Saturday, July 8, 2017 04:16

    Saturday, July 8, 2017 04:16

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    HAMBURG | The american president Donald Trump has described on Saturday as “great” in his first meeting the previous day with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the G20.

    “The meeting was fantastic”, he said at the beginning of an interview with the First british minister Theresa May on the second day of the summit in Hamburg in Germany.

    According to Wahington, Donald Trump has shown on the offensive in the face of Vladimir Putin on the very sensitive issue of interference by the russians allegedly in the american presidential election, that has poisoned the beginning of his mandate.

    Moscow has delivered another version, claiming that the new american president had “accepted” the denials of Vlamidir Putin.

    The two leaders also addressed two other heavy subjects of dispute, Ukraine and Syria.

    The two countries agreed Friday on the establishment of a ceasefire from Sunday in a region south-west of Syria.