Trump wins Florida and Ohio, Clinton in trouble

News 9 November, 2016

les-grands-electeurs-par-candidat-infographie-bigAt 5:40, the Republican candidate is well positioned to win the election.

Trump won several “swing states”
The Republican candidate won in Ohio and Wisconsin, though Democrats in 2012 and in the State of Florida, long undecided.

He is also winner in Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Alabama, Missouri, Georgia, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Texas, Arkansas , Montana, Iowa, Idaho, South Dakota and North. Not really a surprise, however, in 2012, all states had already tipped in favor of the Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

Clinton in the North East and West
For its part, Hillary Clinton won the state of Vermont, Massachusetts, Maryland, Delaware, Maryland, the Illionois, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington DC, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, New Mexico , New York, Nevada, Hawaii and California.