Trusted contacts: Google launches app to reassure

Techno 7 December, 2016

google-contacts-de-confianceGoogle has a new application: Contacts called Trust, it aims to reassure your loved ones in an emergency, including géolocalisant the terminal.

Facebook already has its Safety Check, which allows everyone to say, in case of natural disaster or major hazard (accidents, attacks …), if it is safe. But the Safety Check is activated in case of force majeure by teams from Facebook and therefore can not be used in everyday life.

Google unveils Tuesday, December 6, 2016 reply to the question ” do you alright? “With its application” Trusted Contact “or” Trusted Contact “in French. An application that will allow your loved ones to ask if everything is okay.

trusted contacts: geolocation in the security service

Application Confidence Contacts is an Android application that will use geolocation to tell people where you are (the iOS version is in development). Beware, however: everybody can not ask you your position; Only “trusted contacts” rightly or your friends and family. The idea is simple: if in doubt, a person can ask if you are well.

Via the app, you can ask a person whose contact is the confidence to say if “all is well” or not. The app will ask the person to share his location in case of problems or deny sharing. In which case, the meaning is simple: all is well.

No answer ? Sharing is automatic

Once sent the location request, the person has 5 minutes to share his position or decline the request. Once this period has elapsed, the position is shared automatically … But it does obviously not mean that the person is not going well. Perhaps she simply left her phone in her purse. The “trusted contacts” will have to act with common sense and do not call for help immediately.

However, confidence Contacts allows to know the latest position of the smartphone, which can be useful in case of accident or if a person is lost without possibility of having the network. In addition, the application allows to notify a person that is trying to go home, for example late at night, and to share the position with the latter.