Turkey will build special cat village – media

News 22 December, 2017

Turkish media announced the impending “big construction”. The province of Canakkale, located in the northwestern part of Turkey, announced the construction of a village for cats.


Villagers should be, first and foremost, abandoned and sick animals that need help and home. 600 square meters of government plans to settle about 200 purrs. Cats will live in cottages in the style of a Bungalow. They were provided with proper care and nutrition.

New tenants in the village will bring employees of service on catching of homeless animals. Local authorities hope that the village will be visited by people hoping to get a cat. They will have a great opportunity to pick up a four-leg, which they’ll like a home.

Fashion cats recently reborn thanks to an unexpected discovery scientists. It turned out that these animals can deactivate the gene responsible for the development of asthma in children.