TV presenter Vlad Chizhov was beaten in Moscow by unknown : Crime news : Vladim

News 7 February, 2018

On the TV program “Solved” Vlad Chizhov was attacked by three unknown men in an SUV. The attack occurred on the evening of the sixth of February in Moscow. Leading channel “Che” has returned from filming in the society girls, when a huge car blocked their road.


Between Chizhov and three passengers of the SUV began to fight. The presenter injured his collarbone and smashed the windshield of his vehicle. Companion Vlad manages to get the fight on camera of the mobile device. In addition, the attack and all that followed, was recorded DVR in the car of the showman.

The victim was assisted by one of the capital’s hospitals. Doctors say that the life and health Chizhov more threatens nothing. The presenter admitted that he knows the attackers. He added that he would understand them differently if it hadn’t been for girls.