Twitter launches in the Trolls hunt!

Techno 8 February, 2017

If you take it for the king of Twitter to be able to say anything and everything on the social network, your hour of glory is over: the trolls, it will soon be on the platform!
Please do not take you to the world of King on the social network to the blue bird: your words may well turn against you one day . And this day in question could happen very quickly! Let it be said, in this year 2017, the microblogging site is active on all terrains. In late January, Twitter launched Explore, a new tab facilitating your research on the social network by grouping tweets, photos, videos and even live Periscope associated with specific topics. A few days earlier, the social network was interested in your picture, literally and figuratively: twitter posted the will to further highlight your profile pictures . On this new day, the site tackles another problem, that of trolls and harassment in general on its platform. To fight against these ultra negative messages that pollute its service, the little blue bird draws 3 tools in this month of February 2017. You are made to discover them right away.
“On the basis of the work we did last November, we continue to work to give people more control over what they see on Twitter.” Last week we reported an improvement in the reporting of abusive tweets giving more possibilities of reports to people with targeted harassment ” says, at first, the social network in a blog post before presenting three new key measures. The first is the fact that Twitter will use a machine learning program whose mission is to analyze the Twitter accounts banned permanently detail in order to stop the creation of abusive accounts in series. Second measure announced is the fact that another machine learning program will secure search results by hiding deemed abusive tweets (pornographic photos and shocking particular). Finally, the micro-blogging site plans to rank the tweets according to their interest , in particular by placing the background “potentially abusive tweets or lower quality for the most relevant conversations are put forward” . Twitter, so it will soon be positive … if everything works correctly! What do you think of these measures?
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