Two alleged victims of Charles Dutoit testify

News 12 January, 2018
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    Mary Lou Basaraba and Anne-Sophie Schmidt explained to the Newspaper to be furious that the former director of the OSM, Charles Dutoit denies the allegations of sexual assault that many women have brought against him.

    Camille Garnier

    Thursday, 11 January, 2018 22:54

    Thursday, 11 January, 2018 22:54

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    Of the alleged victims of Charles Dutoit have decided to break the silence, frustrated that the former director of the Montreal symphony Orchestra denies the allegations of sexual assault which he faced. Two of them have agreed to entrust the Newspaper.

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    Mary Lou Basaraba

    Mary Lou Basaraba and Anne-Sophie Schmidt are part of the six women reported to the Associated Press as victims of sexual assault on the part of the renowned orchestra conductor. One of them said to have been penetrated by force.

    These women are in addition to four others who had claimed last month to have been sexually assaulted by Charles Dutoit between 1985 and 2010.

    The one who led the OSM from 1977 to 2002, had then denied the allegations, calling them ” shocking “.

    “When I learned of his reaction, I was furious that he does not accept,” explains Mary Lou Basaraba, who claims to have been assaulted by Charles Dutoit during the winter of 1977-1978. He should apologize, because it has affected a lot of lives. “

    Ms. Basaraba, who played the role of Judy Mercier in the series Lance et compte at the end of the 1980s, was a young journalist of twenty years if the assault would have occurred.

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    Anne-Sophie Schmidt


    She explains that Charles Dutoit would have thrown on it on the occasion of an interview conducted for the account of the Montreal symphony Orchestra.

    “He had requested that the interview takes place in his home, she told the Newspaper. I sat on his couch and he immediately laid on me by grabbing and trying to kiss me. It was absolutely disgusting and I pushed it away. “

    In 1995, the soprano Anne-Sophie

    Schmidt, aged 31 years, was in full ascension when she was chosen for the main role of a parisian opera conducted by Charles Dutoit.

    “From the beginning of rehearsals, it was oppressive. It made me statements inflamed. “


    But the maestro would soon be gone from seduction to anger.

    “When he understood that I was not interested, he started to behave extremely unpleasant. It made me reproach unjustified in front of all the other musicians. “

    Dutoit would have trapped the singer in a hallway, during the general rehearsal.

    “He pushed me against the wall and kissed me forcefully. I am debated. “

    As Ms. Basaraba, Anne-Sophie Schmidt says it is shocked by the denials of Charles Dutoit.

    “This is what I decided to talk about it. I found it unbearable. “

    She hopes that her testimony will ensure that the floor can free up more time in the middle of the classical music.

    “I know lots of colleagues that it happened this kind of things and who do not dare to express themselves. “