Two months of hell following a broken water main

News 19 January, 2018
  • Photo Matthieu Payen
    The basement of the triplex of David Harpin has been flooded the end of November following an intervention by the City to repair a broken water main. The one who has pumped the water for two weeks shows his water pipe ripped off at the work of blue-collar workers.

    Matthew Payen

    Friday, 19 January 2018 01:00

    Friday, 19 January 2018 01:00

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    Basement flooded, the pipes are frozen, decrease of water pressure, discharge. The consequences of a broken water main have put the nerves of seven tenants and two owners montreal to the test.


    It took two months of waiting and the passage of the Log for the situation to rule to David Harpin and Géraldine Roy, each owner of triplex neighbors at the corner of boulevard de Maisonneuve and avenue Papineau, at Montreal.

    On Wednesday, the workers of the City have restored the water service and réasphalté in front of them, putting an end to their nightmare.

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    David Harpin, the problems started last November 22. The result of a broken water main in front of his home, he discovered a puddle in his basement, and warned the City.

    “I was told not to do it, and three days later I had one to two feet of water in the cellar “, a plague there.

    In addition to the flooding, the owner has been notified by a tenant that there was no water at the faucet, a situation that lasted for several weeks. Mr Harpin was then attempted on several occasions to make contact with the City and was eventually to explain that the blue-collar workers had torn off his water supply in the tempting to repair the aqueduct and that the flow was directed to the basement.

    “I’m fortunate that my bottom slot is under renovation, otherwise it would have been a revelation,” notes Mr. Harpin.

    Triplex neighbor

    The owner is not left alone in his galley. After a new intervention of the City, it is the triplex neighbor who was hurt.

    Photo Matthieu Payen

    Geraldine Roy

    “On 17 December, the tenants of the housing bottom called us to warn us that their toilet was clogged,” says the owner, Geraldine Roy.

    Pending the intervention of the City, the water has come back up by the toilet and the bathtub of the bottom slot, leaving the walls of the bathroom are covered in a brownish water.

    “The two tenants of this housing are gone. It is their right in these conditions, ” laments Ms. Roy. It is estimated that in addition to the loss of rental income, these adventures have cost close to $5,000.

    In the housing from above, the water has also been cut down recently for several days, forcing the tenants to go to the bathroom at the Mcdonald’s nearest you.

    The problem was finally solved Wednesday, as confirmed by the City.

    “It is clear that when they knew that a journalist was excavating the history, they have gone to great lengths,” said the owner, who admits to having slept badly the last time.

    For its part, the City reiterates that it is precisely in the purpose ” to catch up with the backlog in maintenance of water infrastructure that the city administration announced last week, during the presentation of his budget 2018, strategic investments to ensure their rehabilitation and development “.