Two polar bear snuck into an airport in Alaska

News 16 December, 2017

At the airport in Alaska saw two polar bears. It is reported by the CBR with reference to the employees of the harbors.


Pair of polar bears falls within the airport barrow Alaska in an effort to find food, but they drove the employee to the organization. According to the man, wild animals could approach people at a distance of 35-40 yards, but they made it easy not to notice. He added that polar bears may be easier to look for debris or any remains of than to catch and kill seals.

Earlier media reported about the tragic incident that occurred on the territory of the Kuril Islands. There the lighthouse Keeper received fatal injuries in an attack by a bear. The man went missing in mid-November, on his quest went rescuers, law enforcement officers and game wardens, and later they found the remains of a caretaker. The bear was able to shoot.