Two traffickers linked to overdoses appear

News 1 October, 2017
  • Antoine Lacroix

    Saturday, 30 September 2017 12:54

    Saturday, 30 September, 2017 22:50

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    Two of the three people arrested Friday at Montreal in connection with cases of overdoses will remain behind bars at least during the end of the week.

    Kevin Charbonneau, 28, and Alain Joly, 35, briefly appeared in court Saturday by video conference at the palais de justice de Montréal and is undergoing investigation for release Monday.

    The Crown prosecutor Caroline Larouche opposed their release.

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    Caroline Larouche

    Attorney for the Crown

    The two men have a history of drug-related offenses, but Kevin Charbonneau dragging a past criminal charge, including harassment, theft and harm.

    The third person arrested in this case, Stéphanie Hamel, 25, was released on a promise to appear in court on February 27, 2018. According to the act of denunciation, an arrest warrant has also been issued against Isabelle Bachand, 36 years of age.

    All are facing charges in connection with the drug trafficking. Alain Joly and Caroline Larouche has been accused of being addicted to heroin.

    Fight the fentanyl

    The three arrests are the result of an investigation that began in August, said the police Department of the City of Montreal, in a news release.

    “Good quantities of heroin and this appears to be of the fentanyl have been seized “, said one.

    Whereas the SPVM is in full control of this drug, the full statement of the operation will be presented by the commander Christine Christie on Monday afternoon.

    After the publication of reports in The Journal and distributed to J. E. in recent days, the chief of POLICE Philip Pitcher had reiterated Friday his desire to stop as quickly as possible traffickers who cut their drug with fentanyl.

    According to mayor Denis Coderre, at least 12 people have died from an overdose of fentanyl-only during the month of August.

    – With the collaboration of Maxime Deland, QMI Agency