Bose launches the SoundLink Revolve and Revolve +, two Bluetooth speakers that offer a “real” 360 ° sound

Techno 15 June, 2017

After having regaled us with its SoundLink Mini and Mini II, Bose is back in the market of nomadic speakers. The US brand has launched the Revolve and Revolve +, two nomadic speakers that offer a “real” 360 ° sound.
With the Revolve and Revolve Plus, Bose decided to treat us. Shortly after we made the happiness of our ears with the QC 30 headphones, the American brand decided to reinterpret the cylindrical speakers. If they are quite expensive (229 euros for the Revolve and 329 for the Revolve Plus), these new nomadic speakers send heavy. Waterproof and resistant to falls, the Revolve and Revolve Plus promise a “real” 360 ° sound, just that! And given their cylindrical shape, these new speakers have neither front nor rear, but they offer a powerful and striking sound.
SoundLink Revolve
The SoundLink Revolve offers a dazzling omnidirectional sound and a sleek, uniform aluminum design. With this new speaker, the music is spacious, clear, and powerful when you want it. Available now for purchase, the Bose precinct is sold at 229 euros, here .
SoundLink Revolve +
The SoundLink Revolve + is Bose’s most powerful portable speaker. This loudspeaker offers a true omnidirectional sound more powerful than the Revolve thanks to a new acoustic design. It costs 329.95 euros to offer it to you and make the happiness of your ears. Alternatively, you can also discover our Bose SoundSport