U Feel, U Feel Prime, WiMate … Wiko spoils you for Valentine’s Day!

Techno 6 February, 2017

Valentine’s Day has already started at Wiko! Several packs are displayed in promo on the website of the French manufacturer.
The last weekend, meltyStyle confided to you that Amazon had launched a special shop for Valentine’s Day 2017 . Embedded cameras, connected bracelets, beauty products … You can find all kinds of products. But the site is not the only one to have had this idea … It is also the case of Wiko, who decided to spoil you and / or help you spoil your half for the feast of lovers . Until 14 February, several smartphones and accessories are arranged in prices broke on the French manufacturer’s website . A good plan that you absolutely wanted to share!
Wiko offers you the possibility of the U Feel shopper with a smart case Wiboard and a pregnant Wishake Bluetooth to 199.99 euros instead of 279.97 euros . Interesting, right? If you want a better screen and more memory, you can opt for the U Feel Prime, which is also offered in a pack. For 249.99 euros instead of 349.98 euros, you will receive the smartphone accompanied by Bluetooth headphones and a smart folio Wiboard. Finally, if you are looking for a connected bracelet, then you can indulge yourself with the WiMate + Wishake Bluetooth headset set at 99.99 euros instead of 169.98 euros. Pending receipt of your order, (re) discovers the pub KFC reconciling football and Valentine . What promotion are you interested in?