U.S. Ambassador dived into the hole to the knowledge of the Russian traditions In the World : Vladim

News 21 January, 2018

Jon huntsman, who served as U.S. Ambassador to Moscow, experienced the beauty of the Epiphany traditions. In addition, he and his relatives paid a visit to the Voskresensky new Jerusalem monastery, where he heard interesting stories about the origin of the monastery and the appearance of some icons.


Wife and daughter Huntsman could even light candles, and pray for the health of their loved ones. After the excursion in the monastery, the Ambassador went to enjoy the primordially Russian traditions, namely the dive into the hole.

According to the employee of the diplomatic mission, he received “an unforgettable experience”, which fell to him. In one of the photos you can see how the huntsman goes down to the river in a terrycloth robe and boots.