U.S. athlete for 2 days died from influenza In the World : Vladim

News 13 January, 2018

American weightlifter died in two days from the flu after onset of illness. Initially, the boy complained only of a cough.


Relatives of 21-year-old athlete shocked: the guy died a few day after he learned that suffering with the flu. Grieving people warn others about a dangerous illness, which struck the deceased in a short period of time.

Shortly before his death, the guy showed greater activity often went to the gym. Further he intended to finish training in order to become a coach. At one point he came home with a cough, for two days his condition became worse. The athlete went to bed and spent the whole day, he complained of cough and chest pain. He was taken to the hospital, but doctors have not been able to do, the guy died. Now his parents encourage everyone with great care to their health, because originally the young athlete seemingly nothing threatening.