Uncharted 4, The Last Guardian … The best excluded PS4 from 2016

Techno 28 December, 2016

A list not long for excellent games to discover in GIF here.
Best excluded outputs on PS4 are here! Well, it must be said that the choice was quickly made given that games exclusive to the Sony console, there have not been many. With the recent PlayStation Experience , Sony has certainly given us reassurance vis-à-vis a number of more substantial games should happen in the coming years … thank you Naughty Dog !

Uncharted 4, the best excluded PS4 of the year 2016
Of course, Uncharted 4 is surely what is done best this year on PS4 . It is also part of the top of the best games of 2016 across all platforms , ie how much we appreciated!

The Last Guardian, an exclusive PS4
So much fun in one game! Although technically it seems somewhat outdated since its development began on PS3 , the fact remains that the title has managed to get drunk in his dream world at will.

Ratchet & Clank, the remake PS4
From the very first episode of the saga, Insomniac Games has succeeded is a remake of near perfection. Hopefully the return of Crash Bandicoot with N’Sane Trilogy will take place in the same way … The best excluded PS4 according to you?