Understanding the Importance of Truck Drivers

News 12 July, 2022

With the requirements for commercial driver’s license training changing to the theory knowledge compulsory from a recognized school, it makes you wonder what may have led to this. People always assume that the trucking industry is often related to cargo and transport, but it is more than that. Without trucks, you could never receive your goods on time, drastically affecting your economy. Questions like are truck drivers essential workers or what is the importance of the trucking industry? Always pop’s up in a person’s mind. For that, try to imagine a world without truck drivers. Your cargos become expensive because of the extra cost of travel. Now this includes more than your parcels from around the world. It includes your food and the daily farm-fresh vegetables you get at the mart. Sounds complicated, right?

Imagine no trucks during Covid 19 and no way to transport agricultural goods, medical equipment, or other necessities. The drivers put a lot of effort into driving the heavily loaded carts and take many risks in transporting goods from one place to another to maintain a sustainable supply chain. Here are a few other reasons to understand the importance of truck drivers:

Essential Responsibilities– From transporting raw materials to the manufacturer to helping during the pandemic and transporting essential goods to keep the stores stocked with necessities, truck drivers braved all the odds and worked responsibly. Even during the uncertainty about the future and when everyone else was busy practicing social distancing, they provided the hospitals with medical equipment, vaccines, etc., regularly. The truck drivers have handled a vital responsibility in these challenging times, and they still handle the matter carefully, which has increased the country’s economy to a great extent.

Employment– With access to CDL training from various community schools and colleges, it offers job opportunities to many students from challenging backgrounds or low-income households and a better chance at life. There are almost 7.65 million people employed in the trucking industry as of 2020. So you know how much they contribute to the economy and are a vital part of it. These truck drivers work for long hours and travel long distances to help people run their businesses and get supplies, but sometimes they still don’t get the credit they deserve.

Safety Maintenance– Members of the trucking industry know what the weight of a specific truck can do to the roads or how much the speed limit of a particular vehicle should be. It ensures the safety of the people around and also maintains industry-wide standards. This shows how much they value the safety of their people and the citizens. The regulations imposed by the US government and the trucking organization help shape the trucking industry’s policy and enhance the established practices.

Final Thoughts– Next time you think that ‘are the truck drivers essential workers,’ think about when food and other necessities increased all over the country, and the stores in and around your home were stocked at those most challenging times. It was because they risked their health to provide you with that. They should also be considered front-line heroes as they supplied every possible industry, store, hospital, and manufacturer with goods. All while maintaining the standards and best practices established.