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Techno 30 March, 2018

2018-03-30 17:03

Unexpected ways to use eggshells
Eggs are a fairly hot commodity and an essential ingredient in many dishes, so the average family can eat a dozen in a week. Scientists have proved that egg shells should not be thrown out, and gave several examples of useful applications.

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Generally , as drainage gardeners use stones or concrete block , but for this purpose it is much better to use egg shells . She is not inferior to the properties of conventional materials for drainage , but it is the weight of the pot decreases . The shell is in the pot last year, and it can be replaced when transplanting plants .


Many vacationers and residents of the villages use the compost to fertilize the soil , and it often includes organic waste , manure and weeds. Experts recommend to add to the compost, egg shells or infused with it water that will benefit the crop .


Often seedlings planted in plastic cups or purchase trays that you can easily replace an egg shell . If planting plants from sprout cups can be injured , and in the case of the shell, she gets along with the plant . To speed up the rooting should be done from the bottom hole , and further it will serve as a good fertilizer .


Egg shells helps to balance the disturbed soil acidity , during which the plants receive enough nutrients . Often gardeners use for these purposes a lime , but eggshell is a natural option , although the result will not be as fast .


Many gardeners are not afraid to use eggshells as a natural fertilizer , which allows to increase the yield of tomatoes , peppers and eggplant . It is necessary to fertilize the garden ground shell or showering with water infused with it .

Snails and cats

Some plants really like to eat slugs , to fight that you can use eggshell . Simply spread it around the garden beds , but this method will also help discourage cats from the garden . Paws for cats shell is not pleasant , and it won’t leave wounds , while remaining completely safe for children .


In winter, birds need human help, and in the trough you can go to bed with the grain eggshells . It will help to saturate the body birds need calcium and other minerals that are also helpful for domestic geese and chickens.


In cooking techno the shell can be used for decorating desserts.