United states: a manufacturer of opiate penalized for having fed the addiction

News 12 July, 2017
  • AFP

    Tuesday, 11 July 2017 22:30

    Tuesday, 11 July 2017 22:30

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    WASHINGTON | laboratories Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals will pay a fine of $ 35 million to be honored, and not be reported to the authorities, orders very important the drug is highly addictive Oxycodone, contributing to the crisis of opiate addiction in the United States.

    The ministry of Justice explained that the company had accepted this monetary penalty to settle accusations that it had not fulfilled its obligations to report to the u.s. Agency of the drug (FDA) commands suspicious-from, among pharmacies in Florida.

    Mallinckrodt, which manufactures drugs in the United States but headquartered in London, was targeted since 2011 by an investigation of the agency’s anti-drug u.s. (DEA) to have shipped large quantities of Oxycodone through distributors to smaller cities that may not in all likelihood to generate such a request.

    The delivery almost uncontrolled of millions of doses of opioids in american cities with large drug manufacturers over the past decade is considered responsible for the sharp rise in cases of addiction and death –estimated at 60 000 last year– related to these substances.

    The minister of Justice Jeff Sessions noted in a speech Tuesday that the United States had “paid a price extremely heavy to the abusive consumption of drugs.” “We have paid in broken relationships and broken lives, and with mortality rates of never-before-seen”.

    “The actions of Mallinckrodt and its omissions have formed a link in the supply chain which has resulted in millions of tablets of Oxycodone sold in the streets,” he said in a press release on the settlement agreement.

    The amount of $ 35 million represents 7.2% of the net profit of the company in 2016.

    In a statement, she expressed her disagreement with the accusations and denied any violation of the law.

    “We are proud of the fact that Mallinckrodt has long been one of the first industrialists to actively fight against the serious problem of prescription drug abuse on prescriptio”,” indicated Michael-Bryant Hicks, lawyer for the manufacturer