Unknown illness: the parents of Caleb Mine ask for help

News 18 July, 2017
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    It is not known what Caleb Mining is reached. A friend of his mother launched a campaign to sociofinancement to facilitate its treatment.

    Stéphane Bouchard

    Monday, 17 July 2017 22:23

    Monday, 17 July 2017 22:23

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    Doctors are short of diagnoses to explain the problems of health of young Caleb, Mining, sick since he was two months.

    The mother of Caleb, Valérie Lessard, have had doubts about the fragile health of his son from his birth. His doubts were confirmed when he reached the age of two months.

    Since, singled out this child who lives in Saint-Félix d’otis and which is now, at the age of 19 months. His pancreas does not work, it is connected to oxygen all the time, he can not feed himself and he should be fed four times per day, etc

    All possible diagnoses have been eliminated, and the doctors don’t know what affects the child. Medical experts from McGill University have even done DNA testing that have come to nothing.

    Now we are talking about the “syndrome of Caleb,” to describe the illness of the boy.


    “What is difficult is to live in uncertainty, says his mother, Valerie Lessard. Is it that it is an incurable disease, a degenerative disease, or is it that one day it will be only a bad memory “, she says.

    Despite this ordeal, she keeps the morale. “Caleb has a big sister of three years. We are trying, with their father, have fun when we can. We spend good times together. “


    Take care of this young child is a financial burden to the family. Valérie Lessard can not return to work. She cares for her children full-time. This is why one of his good friends has launched a campaign sociofinancement on the site Go Fund Me.

    The money raised will go to help the mother of Caleb, who is shortly to go to Quebec for treatments in order to put him cochlear implants. This operation is expected to address the hearing problems of the child.

    “The operation is paid by the RAMQ, but that is what is next, which is expensive,” says the mother. To date, nearly $ 3,000 have been raised about the 5000 $ that are requested by the fundraising campaign.


    Although the young family is trying to have a life as normal as possible, return trips to the doctor are costly. “A social worker has calculated that we have to pay 470 $ per month just in medical expenses,” said the mother. This money does not include gas for travel, the cost of parking at the hospital and all other costs related to the care of Caleb Mining.

    Valérie Lessard said that the money received will allow them to blow a little. It is, however, the solidarity that is found in the small and large donations that date back to the moral.

    “It’s the support that makes the most good, one has the impression of being less alone in this adventure,” says Valerie Lessard.